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Women dropped from prime time

The management of the Hungarian Television (MTV) Rt has decided to drop women announcers from the daily 7:30 new broadcast Híradó. From now on, MTV female announcers can only read the off-peak news, early morning and late at night. Prime time news, consequently, will be presented by male announcers. The decision has been attributed to viewer opinion, in which "middle aged men with mature personality" are seen as more credible news readers. Media researcher Péter Lázár-Bajomi admits it delivers a particular message, though interprets MTV's action as an attempt to focus on the content rather than the presentation, as opposed to the news broadcasts of the commercial TV channels, which are closer to entertainment talk-shows than professional and informative news broadcasts. The Women in the Media Department of the Association of Hungarian Journalists (MÚOSZ) object to the decision and find it unacceptable and discriminative. (Nb 5) E.C.