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Volán companies to announce subcontracting tenders mid-November

State-owned Volán long-distance bus companies will call tenders to subcontract 5%-30% of their passenger kilometers starting next year, as required by public service contracts signed with the government in December 2004, Elemér Saslics, head of the Volán group, announced on Monday. Under the contracts, signed in line with bus service legislation, Volán's companies will be forced to subcontract at least 5% of their passenger kilometers to companies that can complete the task at a lower cost from the start of 2006, and at least 30% by the end of 2012. After that, the state will require Volán to bid, along with other companies, to supply long-distance public bus services. Saslics said each Volán company would announce tenders for the contracts in mid-November, and offers would be submitted by the end of December.