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Unemployment ranges between 3% and 18.5% in Hungary

Unemployment was as low as 3% in Budapest and 18.5% in Northeast Hungary
in August, the Employment Office reported on its homepage. However, the report emphasizes that a few percentage of people are always between jobs on the labour market. Unemployment in Pest county was the second lowest among Hungary's counties at 4.2% in August, as against 18.3% in Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg County in Northeast Hungary -- the second highest. A total of 399,987 people were registered as unemployed in August this year, representing a 0.2% increase from July and 10.7% increase from August last year. There was a 6.4% 12-month increase in the number of career starters who registered as unemployed in August, which included a 4.7% decrease in Budapest as well as a 49.4% increase in Vas County in West Hungary. The national average unemployment figure was 7.2% in June-August.