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Tesco increases gross revenue by 20%

Tesco Global Department Stores Rt increased its gross revenue by 20% last year reaching Ft 415 billion from Ft 354.4 billion in 2003, the company announced. Last year Tesco opened ten new hypermarkets and four 3,000 sq.m. supermarkets. Tesco also opened its fresh food logistics center last September in Gyál, near Budapest. The company created almost 2,000 new jobs last year and employed 16,000 people at the end of last year. Tesco plans to open 15-17 new department stores and petrol stations this year. Tesco aims to continue its dynamic department store program opening smaller stores all over Hungary. As a new product, Tesco has started to sell no-frills carrier WizzAir?s tickets in its hypermarkets in Budaörs, Pécs and Debrecen.