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Srike averted at Ferihegy Airport

The employees of Ferihegy Airport operator Budapest Airport accepted the management's offer of higher wages and bigger in-kind payments, and dissolved their strike committee, Budapest Airport announced after the negotiations finished. The workers formed a strike committee two weeks ago and staged a two-hour warning strike on Monday. Under the deal, the airport's workers will get a 10% wage rise with retroactive effect from January 2005. (The wage increase comes on top of a 6.62% rise already in place from the start of this year.) And, starting next year, workers will get an annual HUF 417,000 extra in-kind payment. These will include a monthly HUF 30,000 worth of meal tickets and a yearly HUF 57,000 in vacation vouchers. The wage increase and in-kind payments are guaranteed in a collective contract which is without a deadline and may not be broken for three years. Workers will also set up a committee to draw up a plan, within a month, to improve working conditions at the airport. The wage rise and bonuses will cost Budapest Airport hundreds of millions of forints, but the company can still meet the targets outlined in its business plan, Ferenc Harskuti, CEO of Budapest Airport said on Friday, when the management's offer was announced.