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Sony Ericsson share rises to 27% on Hungarian handset market

Sony Ericsson sold more than one million mobile handsets in Hungary in the first half of the year, giving it a 27% market share, up from 24% in the same period a year earlier, Tibor Wagner, Sony Ericsson's director for Central and Eastern Europe told the press on Tuesday. This year, Sony Ericsson expects to sell 2.4 mln - 2.5 mln handsets, Wagner said, speaking at the opening of Sony Ericsson's first brand store in Budapest. The store not only sells handsets and accessories, but offers servicing as well. The share of handsets which are not subsidized by wireless service providers is growing, and now account for 10% of sales in Hungary. 20-30% of the high-end handsets are not subsidized by wireless service providers.