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Small freight forwarders forced out of business by fierce competition

The volume of goods transported by rail swelled by 3% last year on 2003, while road haulage decreased by 3%, according to a report by the Central Statistics Office (KSH). Total domestic freight transportation declined by 3%. The number of sole proprietor businesses and micro-sized limited partnerships (Bt?s) involved in freight forwarding fell 7% each, whereas 8% more limited liability companies (Kft?s) were active in the market than a year earlier. The number of passengers in distance passenger traffic rose 1% and the combined distance they traveled was 2% up year-on-year. Ferihegy International Airport saw 112,000 flight departures and arrivals, which is 26% more than the traffic it had in 2003. The average age of cars running in the country was lower than in the previous year, but fewer new cars were put into operation in comparison.