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Slovakia eyes compromise with Hungary over Benes decrees

It is conceivable that Slovakia and Hungary should compromise on the matter of the Benes decrees, Miroslav Lajcak, MTI reported citing an interview by the Slovak foreign minister in Czech dailies. Asked whether it was conceivable that Bratislava would express an apology to Hungarian Slovaks the same way as it apologized to Carpathian Germans in 1990, he said: “Yes. But in connection with Hungary this is a significantly more complex matter. For something like this, two sides are needed. In order to resolve such a sensitive matter, the appropriate atmosphere must be created. Two years ago this was inconceivable. It is now conceivable.” Lajcak said it was in Bratislava’s interest, too, to settle the situation with Budapest. It would be good to find a way of finding closure to the issue of the Benes decrees with Hungary, he said. The Benes decrees condemned Hungarian minorities on the basis of collective guilt after World War II.