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Shortage of railcars hurts grain exports

A shortage of railway cars is partly to blame for the low amount of grain Hungary is exporting, undersecretary at the Agriculture Ministry Fülöp Benedek told a press conference on Friday. State-owned Hungarian railway company MÁV has requested 150 railcars from Italy, through which the grain will be shipped, but received none; and Slovenia met just half of MÁV's request for 300 railcars, Benedek said.
If grain exports are delayed further, Hungary's intervention stock could surpass the expected 4.5 million tons, according to Zsófia Potsa, general secretary of the Grain Council. Hungary should be exporting 500,000-600,000 tons of grain per month using all means of transport, even river barges, but it is currently exporting only 100,000 tons a month, she added.