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Ryanair to fly from Sármellék

Sármellék airport is to host the first Ryanair flight in Hungary, providing Pécs municipality passes the vote on the Ft 2 billion development. Ryanair planes are to first fly to London from the Southwestern airport near Lake Balaton, later to Frankfurt. There are ongoing negotiations among airlines and smaller off-capital airports simultaneously, Pogány-based airport near Pécs, for example, is soon to get approval for the construction of a new terminal worth Ft 2 billion, Börgönd-based airport shoots at being the aviation center of the Mid-Dunántúl region with an investment of Ft 15 billion on the long run, and Debrecen-based airport has just put into operation its new air-traffic control tower on Wednesday. (Thurs Vg 11) E.C.