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ROP eyes rural tourism

The Regional Development Operative Program (ROP) has secured a budget of Ft 4.2 billion for this year. The aim of the ROP is to exploit the yet undiscovered tourism resources of 1,800 towns and villages, excluding Budapest. Investments in less developed regions of Hungary may have a 20% higher ratio of subsidization than the rest of the areas. The tender consists of two parts: accommodation development such as capacity increase and new accommodation establishment, for which applicants may receive a sum of Ft 13 million to Ft 300 million. The second aspect is the development of attraction-related services such as sailboat ports, bicycle-tourism related infrastructure, and equestrian tourism facilities, where the amount available is between Ft 8 million to Ft 150 million. The ROP's total budget for the period of 2004-2006 is Ft 107 billion 57% of which is already tied up by 212 contracts. (NG 1) E.C.