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Richter posts net profit of Ft 30.6 billion in January-September

Drugmaker Richter Gedeon Rt posted net profit of Ft 30.59 billion (€122.5 million) in the first nine months of 2005, 10.2% more than a year earlier, the company said in its unaudited consolidated report, prepared using International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and published on Friday. The parent company's net profit rose 14.9% to Ft 30.16 billion. Richter had unconsolidated net profit of Ft 10.99 billion in Q3 alone, up 26.2% year on year, and well above analysts' expectations of Ft 9.3 billion. Nine-month consolidated operating profit rose 7.1% year on year to Ft 25.98 billion. The parent company's operating profit was Ft 25.22 billion, 10.2% more than a year earlier. Consolidated diluted earning per share (EPS) was Ft 1.642, up 10.2%. Unconsolidated diluted earning per share (EPS) was Ft 1.618, up 14.9%. Richter's consolidated revenue rose 13.1% to Ft 125.11 billion in January-September 2005, of which the parent company's revenue accounted for Ft 103.8 billion, up 15%.