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Richter drug consignment raided and robbed in Russia

A Hungarian truck carrying $730,000 worth of medications to Richter Gedeon Rt?s Moscow business premises was robbed as it was approaching its destination, Russian wire service Regnum reported. The consignment was attacked in a car park between Riga and Moscow by six persons whose identity is unknown. The security guard was given an electric shock and dumped in the nearby woods. The robbers drove away with the truck and also took the 43-year-old driver, who was released when the load was unloaded, and arrived at the customs free zone of Mitino with the empty vehicle. As the BBJ reported earlier, a week ago Russia?s health ministry amended the free prescription drug program for the underprivileged, which has a $1.7 billion budget this year. In line with the amendment, only domestically manufactured products will remain on the subsidy list as of Dec. 1. 25% of Richter?s Russian exports in Q1, or $10 million worth of medications, were paid for by the Russian state and prescribed free of charge for financially challenged patients as part of the subsidy system. The new regulations are expected to force Richter to cut Russian exports.