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Renovated Ferihegy Terminal 1 to open on Thursday

Ferihegy Airport's Terminal 1 is set to open on Thursday following a HUF 10.5 billion renovation which has doubled its passenger capacity to 2.5 million a year. The airport handled a total of 6.5 million passengers last year. The project, which started in October 2004, cost HUF 1.8 billion more than planned. János Hárskuti, the CEO of Ferihegy Airport operator Budapest Airport said in July that the targeted costs would be exceeded because of extra work done. About two-thirds of the money was spent on renovating the passenger terminal. About a quarter of the money was spent on the terminal's baggage processing. When the terminal opens on Thursday, it will be used by six low-fare airlines. The terminal will be able to handle as many as 1,400 passengers per hour. All of the terminal's shops have been rented out, and these leases will generate hundreds of millions of forints a year – far more than expected.