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Regional airports receive state development funds

Several airport upgrade projects are slated to kick off this year in major Hungarian cities with the help of designated central funds. The program is aiming to enable landing facilities in Szeged, Pécs, Nyíregyháza and Debrecen, in addition to the former NATO base Taszár near Kaposvár, to qualify as a recognized International Commercial Airport. The Hungarian Regional Development Office has earmarked Ft 158 million non-refundable state funding for the Szeged airport upgrade, with the local municipality contributing Ft 108 million. The project will be carried out in several phases over a few years, at an estimated total cost of up to Ft 1.2 billion. The rest of the airports mentioned above are to receive Ft 718 million in central funds, with a further Ft 438 million available for airport projects in regional development coffers.