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Presidential elections: awaiting 2nd round results

The second round of the presidential election is now over, with right-wing candidate László Sólyom having allegedly secured a majority of 185:178 over Socialist Katalin Szili, according to news portal Index. This would mean that the vote is inconclusive since neither candidate has a two-third majority, however the official results are not yet known. Of the 221 MP?s who received a ballot, 20 returned it and 199 voted, including 196 valid and 3 invalid votes, broadsheet Magyar Nemzet reported online. Contrary to the earlier plans of opposition leader Fidesz, the party did not require its members to disclose their votes to each other or the public, since its candidate László Sólyom expressed concern about such a procedure and said he did not wish to become President if the voting was to be conducted in this fashion. The MP?s of the Free Democrats? Allicance (SzDSz) did not vote, with the exception of Imre Mécs. He concurred in Sólyom?s opinion that cross-examining votes was inappropriate in a parliamentary democracy. According to Fidesz? Vice President Zoltán Pokorni, Sólyom?s chances to win the election depend on Szili?s withdrawal, wire service MTI reported. The latter is supported by the Hungarian Socialist Party (MSzP) but not by the liberals, which means that if the governing parties remain divided in their opinion Sólyom will get a majority vote, Pokorni argued. Szili?s withdrawal could open up the way for a left-wing majority consensus, but the there are no signs that she was planning such a move.