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Poll reveals dwindling trust in prosecutor's office

The recent coming to light of a video tape recorded at a hearing in a major embezzlement case has contributed to a loss of confidence for the prosecutor's department, Népszabadság reported citing a survey conducted by pollster Medián. While most people think that institutions of Hungarian democracy are either independent of party politics or are slightly influenced by the government, the prosecutor's office is considered to be somewhat controlled by the opposition, the survey found. The majority of those asked thought that the case of ex-broker Attila Kulcsár, in which some Ft 10 billion was involved and which had widespread implications of political involvement including alleged links to MPs from both left and right, was much too fuzzy and the truth would never be revealed. The survey found that 47% of the respondents had seen the video recording parts of which were broadcast on Hungarian Television, and thought that the relaxed and informal atmosphere of the questioning indicated the prosecution's favoritism.