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PM takes 21 steps for better healthcare

In a Parliamentary speech, Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsány announced 21 measures for healthcare reform that the government will take as part of its ?100 steps? program. The premier talked about the current ?emergency? situation that forbid any more delay in healthcare reform:
?We want a country where residents? life expectancy and prospects for physical and mental heath are increasing, where everyone has the same chances for advanced medical care, and where both the individual and communities take responsibility for health issues. Today, the healthy and the sick, patients and medical staff are all justifiably dissatisfied with healthcare services. The operation and financing of medical service providers have become almost entirely non-transparent over the past 15 years. Access to health services is unfair. There are huge differences in the professional level of service depending on where you were born, what your financial situation is, and to what extent you are able to ensure premium services for yourself and your family through individual contacts and means, but at the expense of others.?
Gyurcsány said the anomalies that have evolved in several years could not be remedied overnight, therefore the government was planning to implement changes in a series of small steps. The premier identified the following goals:
Arrival of medical assistance within 15 minutes of calls.
The number of tumor patients to decline by 15% over the next 10 years.
Modernization of general practice and outpatient system.
Reducing the existing huge differences in the standard of, and access to, medical services.
Imposing a clear system on healthcare taxes and contributions.
Health services should be provided on an equal basis.