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Pharmacies to combat bogus prescriptions

Buying of medicines will be controlled with the help of a new technology in pharmacies from August, national daily Magyar Hírlap said. According to the figures published by the National Health Insurance Office (OEP) Hungarians have bought hundreds of thousands of medicines in pharmacies on bogus prescriptions with invalid social insurance ID numbers -- in several cases for dead people -- over the past month alone. The office has not yet made a final assessment of losses caused to the health insurance fund. Under the current system, the national health fund subsidizes the prices of a range of drugs, which registered patients are allowed to buy at a reduced price in pharmacies. To eliminate invalid prescriptions, OEP will complete the installation of advanced modems for fast data transmission in 2,600 pharmacies across the country by August, allowing on-line access to its database in each pharmacy, Magyar Hírlap said.