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One-man bands have decreasing share but still outweigh larger companies

960,000 organizations were registered in Hungary on Dec. 31, including 456,000 sole proprietor businesses and 416,000 with two or more owners, the Central Statistics Office (KSH) reported today. The number of governmental organizations, including social security funds, totaled 15,000, while there were 73,000 NGO's. As shown by the figures above, 52% of the companies were sole proprietor businesses, with the remaining 48% jointly owned by more than one person; however, the share of the latter is continuously increasing. The breakdown by the number of employees at the end of Q4 reveals that 26.3% of all the companies had no employee at all or the headcount of the staff was unknown. The most numerous group was comprised of businesses with a workforce of 1-9, which accounted for 69.8% of the total. 3.2% of companies employed 10-49 people. 0.6% had 50-99 workers, while large corporations with more than 100 employees made up only 0.1% of all registered businesses.