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Ninefold more passenger in Ferihegy yr/yr

According to Summer 2005 schedule, low budget airlines on Ferihegy 1 Airport gets new destinations, said Budapest Airport (BA) Rt in a press release. In the first three months in 2005 every third passenger flew with a low cost airline. In numeric terms this means 445,420 passengers, which is 30% of the whole circulation. This is ninefold more passenger in 2005 yr/yr. Ibolya Fórika, BA?s PR manager added to dissolve press information revealed lately: ?From Ferihegy it doesn?t look like low budget airlines are leaving Budapest.?
But, according to some press information, all companies are looking forward to ascertain the fee for using Ferihegy 1. terminal. The decision is to revealed next week. On the other hand this decision is to determine the future of the airline companies already present in Budapest, if the fee is high, and the Ferihegy 1 Airport?s quality is low, some airlines may leave Budapest. The decision is to make next week, decision-maker Budapest Airport Rt. requested an international air-consulting company to shape up the fee-system.