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New railway law put forward

The government has put forward the new railway law to the parliament and hopes it to take effect on January 1, Magyar Hírlap reported. The new law will be EU compliant and will ensure legal conditions for new players to enter the market, Zsolt Csaba Horváth, deputy undersecretary to Economy and Transportation Ministry said at a press conference on Tuesday. The new law deals with suburban railway as a separate entity. Also, it allows municipalities to take part in the operation of railway infrastructure, in developments and even to build railway network units. In freight shipping all players will have equal chances. However, passenger transportation is to be divided into regional railway networks. A new railway office, the Hungarian Railway Office will be set up at the beginning of January for issuing operational permits, doing regulatory tasks and settling market debates, said government commissioner Dániel Antal. Structural changes are indispensable, activities belonging to public services and those possible to pursue in the competition sphere should be clearly separated, said MÁV general deputy CEO István Heinczinger.