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New ING subsidiary enters Hungarian leasing market

The Hungarian ING Group has recently launched a new business branch. The activities of ING Lease Hungary encompass all areas of leasing including full operational car leasing, general leasing, in particular Real Estate and Equipment leasing and Vendor Lease programs. The new member of the group will be headed by Vib Verma, who has over 30 years experience in the field of leasing services including 17 years with ING.
ING Lease Hungary, ultimately owned by the ING Group, is a subsidiary of ING Lease Holding N.V., which is the immediate parent company for the lease activities of ING across Europe. The parent company is headquartered in Amsterdam disposing of a portfolio of some Euro 15 billion and employing in excess of 1,800 staff. ING Lease is ranked among the top three lease companies in Europe, present in ten countries all over Europe, and in Poland and the Czech Republic in the CEE region. The Romanian sister company is scheduled to open this year.