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National Instruments relocates distribution centre to Hungary

US company National Instruments (NI) has relocated its European distribution centre to Eastern-Hungary town Debrecen from Amsterdam. The centre, built at
a cost of USD 380,000, opened on Thursday. NI opened a production plant, its only one outside America, in Debrecen in 2001. The project reflects foreign investors' confidence in Hungary, Economics Minister Janos Koka, said at the opening ceremony. Mr Koka said this year's foreign direct investments could even surpass last year's high inflow of euro 3.4 billion. Reason of the relocation was that opening the distribution centre at the site of the plant, which accounts for 70% of NI's output, would shorten delivery time. The centre will ship the NI products from Debrecen to Vienna by truck, where express delivery company UPS will use its air service to deliver them to NI's 15,000 clients across Europe.