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Municipality saves Herukon's sewing unit

The municipality of Nagyrozvágy, BAZ County, decided to buy out the sewing unit from the liquidation process of Sátoraljaújhely-based clothes factory Herukon Rt, said Mayor Mihály Bányász to daily Népszabadság. They will not shrink from civic disobedience to save the sewing unit and prevent liquidators from taking away machines. The 40-year-old site is the only industrial workplace in the village. In May, squeezed by Ukrainian and Slovak products, Herukon started to prepare to close down and has been reducing production ever since, although no layoffs were effected. But one of the creditors of the company, owed Ft 70 million, initiated a liquidation procedure, handing the company and its 500 staff over to a liquidator to be appointed by the Registry Court.