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Monetary base up Ft 23.5 bln in September - MNB

Hungary's monetary base rose by Ft 23.5 billion in September to Ft 2,109.0 billion from Ft 2,085.5 billion in August, the National Bank of Hungary (MNB) said on Monday.
Of the components of the monetary base, the monthly average stock of currency in circulation increased by Ft 17.8 billion to Ft 1,598.9 billion, the monthly average of other MFIs' current account balances fell by Ft 1.5 billion to Ft 499.3 billion and the monthly average stock of other MFIs' overnight deposits increased by Ft 7.2 billion to Ft 10.8 billion.
The annualised month-on-month growth index of the monetary base stood at 110.6% in the month under review, up 1.1 percentage points on August.
In September, deposits of other MFIs with the MNB fell by Ft 71.8 billion to Ft 1,563.3 billion and the stock of loans granted by the MNB to other MFIs by Ft 0.4 billion to Ft 3 billion.
The stock of loans outstanding to the central government rose by Ft 5.8 billion to Ft 270.7 billion and deposits of the sub-sector by Ft 17.1 billion to Ft 457.7 billion. Net external assets of the MNB were Ft 60.6 billion higher than in August.