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MÁV tender stupefies Deputy CEO

András Ökrös, CEO of Hungarian Railways Rt (MÁV) in charge of finance, harshly criticized the results of the MÁV train engine tender, news portal reported. The executive said operation costs were not adequately compared when the decision was made. ?It is evident from the economic point of view that the bids should have been compared using present value analysis, instead of the method that was employed,? Ökrös told Index. Relegated to second place, Bombardier also said it missed this component from the evaluation when it appealed the decision at the Public Procurement Authority. When evaluating a tender announced last year, MÁV should have made sure the terms and conditions of the public procurement had not been changed during the process in a way that would allow another candidate to win, Ökrös argued. The deputy CEO insists that his proposal to review the calculations was rejected by the management. The railway company, however, issued a statement that Ökrös had played an active part in the tender from beginning to end and never raised a complaint