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Martyrs of 1848/49 remembered

The martyrs of the 1848/49 Hungarian war of independence against the Hapsburg Empire -- 13 generals executed in Arad 156 years ago -- were commemorated in localities of Ukraine's Subcarpathian region, the north Serbian province of Vojvodina and in Slovakia yesterday. Representatives of Subcarpathia's ethnic Hungarian minority and Hungarian diplomats serving in the region laid wreaths on the tombs of heroes and martyrs of freedom fighters in Uzhgorod and Vinogradovo. Hungarian consul-general to Uzhgorod Vilmos Sziklavári highlighted Hungary's constitutional and moral commitment to helping its ethnic kin retain their national identity, mother tongue and culture in their native land, and enabling them to maintain undisturbed contact with the parent nation. (MTI; Nb 3, Nv 1)