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Legal Alien on Radio Café

Radio Café 98.6 launches a new program, called Legal Alien November 8.
?I?m an alien, I?m a legal alien, I?m an Englishman in New York? ? sounds Sting?s evergreen refrain from 1987. However, thanks to the winds of change, by 2005 Hungary has also become a place for legal aliens. Walking in Budapest we run into more and more people, speaking another language than Hungarian. Many of them are expats, who have come to live here. Radio Café wishes to adress them with its new program.

Expats, living in and around the 60 km circle of Budapest are jolly invited to tune on to this English-speaking program, once a week, Tuesdays 8 to 9 PM. The two hosts of the show are Jennifer Graf (American-Hungarian citizen) and Mark McMenemy (British-Hungarian citizen). Each week they welcome native English guests to ask them about their everyday life and personal experiences. The topics to be dealt with are the followings: Which places do they favour when going out? How do they make acquaintances, friendships? What is their opinion about Hungarians? And most of all, what?s it like to be an Expat in Hungary?