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Investors step up wind power projects

Investors are due to spend a total Ft 63 billion in the next year and a half to build new wind power plants in Hungary, according to business daily Világgazdaság. Nearly half of this, some Ft 25 billion will come from Békéswind Kft alone, which is set start an investment in the coming week to set up 1.5 MW wind turbines on two locations in east Hungary, one in Törökszentmiklós and another in Mezőtúr. Békéswind, in cooperation with Mezőwind Kft, is also planning to add another 5 turbines to its wind park this year and open an assembly plant in Sarkad next year. While this year only 6 turbines were installed with total power capacity of 1.8 MW, larger investments are expected to kick off next year when EETEK Hungary Kft will invest Ft 13 billion on a 30-turbine wind park in Bakony, north of Balaton, while the Irish-run Euro Green Energy Kft set up 38 turbines in the same region for a total Euro 100 million. In an attempt to to support green energy investment the government has recently announced that it would set a fixed price of Ft 23/kWh on green electricity as of this September. The move is expected to save producers as much as Ft 5/kWh.