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Hungary's EU infoline made accessible to the blind

Hungary's European Union information website has been made accessible to blind and visually impaired users, Judit Fekete Gyárfás, an official at the Prime Minister's Office told the press on Tuesday. Out of some 45,000 visually impaired people in Hungary, five or six hundred own a special screen reader software and another one thousand have access to a limited try-out version, Mihály Szuhai, head of the IT group at the Hungarian Association of the Blind and Visually Impaired, added. Szuhai and his group have been working on advising web developers on how to make their websites accessible for alternative browsing methods, including help given to the now upgraded EU infoline. Szuhai said his association estimated that 30% of blind people in Hungary would use the special software, if it were not for its high cost of Ft 250-300,000 (EUR 1,000-1,200).