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Hungary ranks high in OECD telecom study

Hungary?s positions have improved in virtually all categories in both quality- and quantity-based country rankings, according to the OECD?s Communications Outlook 2005 study. The greatest leap was in mobile phone fees, where Hungary jumped 18 places in the last three years, coming up from last to 12th position. Hungary also saw the biggest decrease in the cost of DSL technology, which dropped 33% on purchasing power parity between 2002 and 2004. According to the study, the quality of fixed-line services improved greatly since 1990, with the number of failures per 100 lines per year dropping from 55 to virtually 0 by 2003. Broadband penetration is still low, but the ratio of broadband users within all internet subscriptions was 40%at the end of 2003, ranking Hungary a joint fourth among OECD countries. The country scored even better in the share of telecom equipment within exports between 19996 and 2006, coming second behind Finland with a 14% ratio.