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Hungary bans poultry from Romania in fear of bird flu

Hungary's chief veterinary officer has ordered a complete ban on poultry or derived products along the Hungarian-Romanian border as of Thursday morning. The move came in response to test results from a European Union committee in Brussels, which show that bird flu is indeed responsible for recent bird deaths in Romania, MTI reported. The ban will stay in place as long as there is no clear evidence that Romania is free of the threat of the epidemic. Those bringing poultry, live or as processed meat, eggs, feathers or any other poultry products into Hungary must show permission from the Hungarian animal health authority, which has set up a check-point for this purpose at the border point of Nagylak. A human-transmitted variant of the virus has not been detected in Romania. Hungary's chief medical officer László Bujdosó said no precautions in health care are necessary as the problem affects animal health only.