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Hungarian ?pálinka? to appear on Chinese market

Hungarian-Chinese joint ventures are ready to put pálinka-making (Hungarian brandy) in China in full swing, with the help of master distillers from Agárd (Central Hungary), national daily Magyar Hírlap reported. Pálinka distilleries have already been set up in Beijing, as the costs of exporting pálinka to China are too high, and now two new plants are to be built in Chengdu, Western China, and in Taicang, Eastern China, at a cost of $ 7 million each. The new plants are each to have a capacity for bottling 400,000 pálinka annually. There are plans to open a further 6-8 plants in China within the next five years solely from Hungarian investment. The distilleries will be managed by Hungarian experts, including master distillers from Agárd. Although the bottles will be sold with Chinese labels for better marketing, the technology is purely Hungarian and flavors are the traditional apple, plum and peach. The "Chinese pálinka" will be made for the Chinese market only.