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Hungarian Holcim founds company for alternative fuel

Holcim Hungaria Rt has founded a company called Ecorec Hungária Kft so that the new subsidiary could organize the collection and delivery of alternative fuel materials. Two Holcim factories burn plastic, waste oil and paper sludge, which means considerable savings, as well as ?recycling? of hazardous and other waste materials, said Róbert Üveg, managing director of Ecorec. He added that, in the beginning, they plan to gather and utilize 20,000 tons of waste material a year. At the same time the Holcim factory in Lábatlan was approved to use 15,000 tons of waste tires as alternative fuel. Tire delivery will also belong to Ecorec. Swiss parental company Holcim Rt?s interest in secondary raw material spans most of CE Europe, they set out to establish companies in other CE European countries as well with the same name and function.