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Hungarian applicants to receive €1.7 mln in eTEN funding this year

Hungarian applicants were awarded more than €1 mln in grants to develop telecommunication networks based services, or "e-services", last year under the EU's eTEN programme. And Hungarian applications made this year for eTEN grants should yield €1.7 mln in funding, the IT and Telecommunications Ministry announced on Friday. The grants are used to support e-services in the government, healthcare and education sectors, among others. Last year Hungary submitted 31 of a total 204 applications to the programme. Of the applications submitted, 15 were accepted. This year, Hungary submitted 20 applications and 10 were accepted. Most of the applications were submitted by small- and
medium-sized businesses, but non-profit organizations, municipalities and state institutions also participated. About €46.9 mln in grants were available under the programme this year, compared to €43 mln in 2004. Next year, grants worth €45mln will be available.