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Hewitt survey: Hungarian employees prize openness and democratic atmosphere

Firms whose managers provide openness and a democratic atmosphere are the most appreciated by Hungarian employees, said a Hewitt survey published on Thursday, ranking companies according to their workers' loyalty. Hungary's best place to work among multinationals was GlaxoSmithKline Pharma, according to the survey of Hewitt, a consulting company. Among Hungarian large companies, electricity company Mavir Rt and gaming firm Szerencsejáték were among the top five. Among small and medium size firms, local municipality-run Asset
Management and Distant Heating, based in Eger, N Hungary, came out on top. Here, 99% were completely satisfied with their pay and benefits.
Daily Magyar Hírlap said the survey suggests that employees most appreciated smooth co-operation with the management, a democratic office atmosphere and open internal communication at these firms.
Commenting on the findings, Hewitt consultant Rita Veres said
that Hungarian employees had become more critical of their workplaces. This year only 44 % of respondents were satisfied compared to 51% in 2000. The most problematic area is declining confidence in top management, she said. Hewitt's annual survey in Hungary this year polled 33,690 employees at 120 companies.