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Hárskúti to build power plant

Hárskúti Renewable Energy Center Kft decided to build a wind power plant with Ft 15 billion investment near Hárskút (western Hungary), general manager Károly Radzik said. The project will be financed by EETEK Hungary Rt, subsidiary of an American investment fund. The plant will consist of 30 wind towers 100 meters tall and will produce 45 megawatts of power, which will be sold to the local power supplier. The equipment will be delivered by Danish Vestas, one of the world's largest producers of wind power plants. A preliminary environmental study has already been made; after gaining all of necessary permission, the plant will be established in half year. Hárskúti Kft will support the village with Ft 30 million yearly and will employ 20 people, mostly residents. (NG 4) G.R.