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Grain harvest completed

The harvest of autumn and spring cereal crops was completed by August 20, with the expection of flooded areas, the Ministry of Agriculture announced on Tuesday. Autumn barley has been harvested from 173,639 hectares with a national average yield of 4.08 tons per hectare and a total harvest of 708,380 tons. Autumn wheat was harvested from 1,119,828 hectares by August 17, or 99% of the total area planted with autumn wheat, with yields averaging 4.59 tons per hectare. On the basis of figures available so far, the proportion of milling wheat and wheat for feed is 45-55% nationwide. About 94% of rye, 96% of spring barley and 94% of oats have been harvested. The area to be harvested for maize is 1,204,952 hectares, 16,952 hectares more than in 2004. Average yield is estimated at 6,768 kg per hectare and the total harvest is expected to reach 8,154,642 tons.