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Fornetti: Home-baked success

Pastry franchise Fornetti, rumored to be considering entry to the U.S. market, is a Hungarian success story, and about to become a global one.
The company, which has 20 master franchise holders worldwide from Dublin to Kuwait, and some 2,500 partners in Hungary, was founded as Fornetti Frozen Bakery Products Kft in 1997 by József Palásti, a baker in Kecskemét. Its basic concept of selling baked snacks made on the spot in relatively low-tech mobile ovens was an instant market hit.
?Those joining the network must pay a one-off fee of Ft 150,000 [?600], after which they only have to pay for the semi-finished goods we deliver to them,? said Tibor Molnár, Fornetti?s franchise director in Hungary. ?Network members must agree to reach 750 kilograms of retail turnover within three months and participate in marketing campaigns organized by us. We provide the oven, technical and logistics background, and round-the-clock service.?
Fornetti has added 400 partners to its network in each of the last eight years. It has made a similarly dynamic plan for next year as well, primarily targeting settlements of 2,000?3,000 inhabitants as a possible growth area.