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Foreign trade deficit totals Euro 1000 in first four months

Hungarian exports totaled Ft 3,729 billion between January and April, while the country imported Ft 3,976 billion worth of goods, the Central Statistics Office (KSH) reported. In forint terms, exports and imports increased 6% and 1% respectively, while in Euros the increase was 12% and 6%. Hungary had Ft 247 billion foreign trade deficit, or Euro 1,000 million, Ft 188 billion (Euro) down on the first four months of 2004.
In April alone, the preliminary figures of KSH show Ft 990 billion export and Ft 1,097 billion import, a respective 15% and 1% increase on April 2004. In Euro terms, export value grew 17%, while the value of imports remained unchanged. The negative balance of foreign trade totaled Ft 107 billion or Euro 431 million, which is Ft 140 billion (Euro 555 million) less than a year earlier. EU countries accounted 77% of exports and 66% of imports.