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FM urges ratification of comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty

Ferenc Somogyi, Hungarian Foreign Minister urged immediate and unconditional ratification of the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty (CTBT) during a three-day international conference that started on Wednesday in New York to promote the coming into effect of the treaty. CTBT is an important means to nuclear disarmament and to the prevention of proliferation of nuclear weapons, Ferenc Somogyi said. CTBT is especially important among the new challenges and threats we face today, he added, stating that there is increased danger that weapons of mass destruction may be acquired by terrorist groups. He noted that Hungary was among the first countries to sign and ratify the treaty and added that existing moratoriums on nuclear tests do not substitute the ratification of CTBT. In addition, Somogyi expressed hope that a political decision can be made in line with which the CTBT global monitoring system will also be used to provide information to international tsunami forecast centres. He added that Hungary is willing to offer volunteers to help train staff at the observing stations in endangered countries.