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Farmers accuse gvt. of breaking agreement, plan demonstration in Bp. tomorrow

This morning saw members of 15 agricultural organizations hit the road to Budapest with farm machines at 7:00 to participate in a nationwide farmer demonstration that will take several days, news portal Index reported. The official list of organizers includes the National Federation of Farmers? Associations and Co-operatives (Magosz), ten branches of the Hungarian Agricultural and Forestry Trade Council, the Hungarian Farmer Alliance, the Hungarian Forestry Council, the Alliance of Hungarian Medium-Sized Farms and the Biokultúra Association. The demonstrators are expected to arrive at Dist. 14?s Felvonulási tér between 7:00 and 8:00 tonight. Tomorrow?s protest rally is scheduled to take place at 12:00 at Kossuth tér on Tuesday, where the farmers will submit a petition to Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Imre Németh and Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsány, demanding that the government fulfil the obligations laid down in last year?s agreement with the representatives of the industry.