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EU cooperation in combating terrorism improved

Cooperation within the European Union in combating terrorism has improved since last year's terrorist attack on Madrid, interior minister Mónika Lamperth pointed out in Brussels on Wednesday. One sign of that cooperation is that the EU countries are focused on concrete measures as opposed to matters of principle,
Lamperth said after attending a meeting of EU interior ministers convened in the wake of last week's terrorist bombings in London. Admitting that there was no such thing as a 100% defence, she underlined that heightened cooperation could do a great deal to reduce the risk. Lamperth said that on Thursday she was calling together the heads of all anti-terrorism services in Hungary. Saying she would
brief them on the Brussels meeting, Lamperth noted that she would be working with them to define Hungary's tasks in a concrete cooperation effort. She noted that there was no change in the level of the risk to Hungary following the London bombings, but said Hungary wanted concrete actions to fight terrorism.