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Esztergom councilors file police report

Two Socialist councilors in Esztergom, north of Budapest, filed a police report against Mayor Tamás Kertész and initiated the dissolution of the Fidesz-led local council last Friday in connection with a local scandal surrounding a multi-billion water park project. During the previous administration, Esztergom had been approved for a substantial grant of Ft 900 million from the Széchenyi Plan subsidy fund for the development, which had a total budget of Ft 2.1 billion and was originally scheduled for completion by May 2004. After what the Socialist councilors consider as a series of illegal moves by the mayor, including a change of general contractors, dismissing the town manager, and spending some Ft 6 billion on the project, the facility has been topped off recently while construction work is still in progress. A crucial issue is whether the town will be able to complete the project by the end the year, or otherwise lose the government subsidy. (Nb 7) P.P.