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Environment Minister lays cornerstone for Ft 6 bln sewerage project

Environment Minister Miklós Persányi laid the cornerstone for a Ft 6 billion sewerage project that will serve six communities around Lake Velence, southwest of Budapest. Because the area is part of a nature reserve, EU funding will cover 70% of the cost of the project and the central budget 25%. The six towns will pay just 5% of the cost.
The sewerage, along with an expansion of the local sewage treatment plant, is to be completed within 12 months. The project will double the capacity of the region's central sewage treatment plant to 12,400 cubic meters a day. The sewerage will comprise 85 kilometers of gravity mains and 14 kilometers of pressure mains connected to 5,600 homes.
There are currently 24 EU-funded sewage treatment projects in the preparation or underway.