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Ecostat predicts 3.7% inflation this year

The average rate of inflation is predicted to be 3.7% this year and slightly above 2% in 2006, according to recent forecast of economic research institute Ecostat. The state budget deficit may be around 5% of the GDP and 3.9% according to ESA-95 corrections, director of the institute, Pál Belyó said. In 2006, both values may improve by a  0.5 percentage point. Exports are predicted to rise by 8.5%, imports by 5.5% this year. The  current account deficit may reach Euro 7 billion, 7.4% of the GDP; in 2006 this may decrease by Euro 200,000. The GDP growth is expected to be 3.7% in 2005 and 4% next year. (NG 2, MH 11) G.R.