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EcoMin urging common consent in economy

On the opening day of the annual foreign market conference on Monday, Economy Minister János Kóka said Hungary badly needs a ?social consensus? so as to follow the Irish example in making an agreement on the most important issues and economic policy is to be carried out regardless of the political changes, daily Népszava reported. That?s what businessmen have been urging for ages, Kóka added. Kóka also said the past 9 months have witnessed an important change: the administration adopted a more sales- and marketing-centered view and diplomacy was made to serve economic aims as well. Kóka listed ten areas of great importance: IT, biotechnology, medicine and car industries, financial providers and manager centers, service centers, entertainment industry, special tourism, health industry and alternative energy. Investments to be supported are those to the USA, Japan, South Korea and China. Kóka expects Ft 535 billion in working capital to have arrived in Hungary by 2007, and the government wishes to sign support contracts which would make this amount possible. Contracts to be signed before the end of 2005, with Bosch, Denzó and Michelin among others, will bring Ft 170 billion and result in 7200 new jobs. The 13 further contracts within the next 2 years include new investments by Suzuki, Bridgestone and BorsodChem. Kóka stressed the inevitable shift towards the high added value sectors, e.g. logistics, software producing and electronic industries.