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Country marketing for Ft 1.5 billion less

The Hungarian Tourism Rt will spend Ft 5.5 billion this year on marketing and promition, which is Ft 1.5 billion less than its corresponding 2004 budget. The TV commercials currently showing to promote Budapest and Lake Balaton have been produced by re-editing old advertisements, while the 2005 budget is being used for shooting and screening new commercials for the US and other foreign markets. This year, opera singer Andrea Rost and violininst Barnabás Kelemen have replaced Hungarian-born actor Tony Curtis who served as the face of Budapest last year. Chess player Judit Polgár is promoting Hungary, while President of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences Szilveszter E. Vizy will appear in advertisements for conference tourism. Hungarian Tourism Rt is using the slogan ?Hungary Smiles? to promote the country this year.