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Corporate liabilities rise faster in H1

The net financial liabilities of Hungary's businesses rose Ft 1,539 billion to Ft 22,374 billion in the first half of 2005, according to figures published by the National Bank of Hungary (MNB). The first-half increase is more than twice the Ft 704 billion rise in the same period a year earlier. Gross corporate liabilities rose Ft 2,019 billion to Ft 31,480 billion in the first half. The increase was well over the Ft 1,159 billion rise in H1 2004. The increase in the second quarter, however, was less stark as gross corporate liabilities rose Ft 666 billion in Q2 2005, compared to an increase of Ft 627 billion in the same period a year earlier. The increase in first-half liabilities included a Ft 840 million rise in loans and a Ft 1,090 billion rise in liabilities related to equities.